Case studies

What’s the ROI behind a BIG DATA + AI initiative?

By being able to measure the financial impact of every single action that is conducted, your team will be able to discover the most profitable approaches.

How can I optimize my marketing budget?

We can help you identify what’s the right promotion, channel, and communication that generates more financial value and helps you reach your targets.

In this scenario we tested different formats resulting in pretty much the same adoption and a better ‘Cost per Sale’ with the simple letter. We also tested different promotions and there was a significant impact on adoption, even after promo is over and even considering promo cost, the ´Cost per Sale’ is better with aggressive promo.

How can I put together data from various sources and actually interlink them?

We can help extract the info that you need from the company Data Bases and enrich it with other relevant information that exists in various formats. Our user level console allows to aggregate external data from various sources and treat it jointly with all other data.

How can I maximize team efficiency?

Big Data architecture can automate a massive amount of reports and analyses allowing human resources to focus on:

  • Insights extraction
  • Designing future marketing actions based on the experienced gained

How can I learn from best practices and be sure that I´m applying a robust methodology for analysis?

We can make help you gain alignment with other stakeholders so that they are on board with your approach. Methodologies developed:

  • ROI, NPV calculation
  • Uplift modeling (i.e., customer groups where campaigns are most impactful)
  • Control Groups selection
  • Breakdown of impact: upsell, x-sell, retention
  • Multi-campaign impact aggregation / campaigns performance comparison
  • Long term financial impact extrapolation

How can I make marketing analysts more self-sufficient?

We can help by ensuring your business personnel deliver end-to-end results without the involvement of Data Base experts in SQL and corporate DB structures, as if they were using Excel.

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